Is Your Organization Healthy? Find Out Now!

No, this is not (quite) about health and wellness programs.  This is about making your company an energizing, exciting place to work.  A healthy organization delivers results for employees, customers, and investors, while understanding the risks of short-changing any of these three.

How does your company measure up on the 8 point scale?

  • Leadership:  it’s about having a vision and an idea of how to get there.  Set the tone.
  • Management: it’s about doing things right.
  • Talent: Is the means to deliver results. Healthy organizations attract and develop the best.
  • Clarity: It aligns and embraces the core purpose and desired future.
  • Engagement: People are engaged when their opinions matter and they are appreciated.
  • Accountability: Keeping promises, getting the job done is important in a healthy organization.
  • Learning: To learn from past experiences and develop and improve is the way to turn mistakes into profit.
  • Agility: Change is to be expected and the ability to change is a competitive advantage.

This article was adapted from Jon Tveten’s, “The Healthy Organization” and written for Mentor’s Guild by Dave Kaster.  Reprinted with permission.