About Us

explaing on poster boardAbout Fidelis, LLC

Dave is the Principal of Fidelis, LLC, a Green Bay, Wis.-based business advisory practice. He is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. This results in more sales, more cash, more time … and less stress. Dave recognizes that the last thing an entrepreneur needs is more work. Instead of adding to their workload, he helps them do what they never imagined they had time for or never knew how to do.

The company name, Fidelis, is the Latin word for “faithful.” For Dave’s father, who retired from the Marine Corps in 1973 and organized the business in 2007, the Marine slogan “Semper Fidelis” was more than just a slogan. It was a way of life. It has always been the vision for Fidelis, LLC. We have faith in our processes and faith in our clients to grow and become the small business they want to be.

Dave’s background includes more than two decades as a financial consultant and business consultant in Northeast Wisconsin. As a partner in a financial planning practice for more than 15 years, Dave hired, trained and managed more than 30 representatives. He also managed a personal practice, helping more than 1,000 clients.

While working as a financial planner, Dave helped more than a dozen businesses start from inception and planning to the funding stage and very quickly, to profitability. Later, Dave began consulting in the sales and marketing fields for various companies involved in the real estate industry.

Currently, Dave shares his skills in Green Bay, Wis., as a certified grant proposal writer and a certified OED adviser. He brings analytical and communication skills to profit and nonprofit businesses, helping them achieve greater success.

Dave has successful clients in California, Nevada, Utah, North Carolina, Chicago, New York, Wisconsin, Australia, New Zealand and Bangladesh. He has written over 60 business plans and helped dozens of entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.

Do you have a strong vision of what you wish to accomplish in your business? Share it with Dave today, and see it realized tomorrow.