Four top CEO’s share Leadership Secrets

by Dave Kaster for:   on Feb 20, 2014 • 12:42 pm

Laura Garnett, in writes about her conversations with four successful CEO’s to describe their most successful leadership strategies.

Rajeev Kapur, CEO of Sonic Emotion says:  ”Hire the best and get out of their way…As a CEO, your job should be putting the best people in the best positions possible.  You should give them the tools to do their jobs, get out of the way, and be an obstacle remover when needed.”

Kara Golden, CEO of Hint Water says: “Love your company….(Loving your company is) a great way to align the needs of my employees with those of the company.

Eric Johnson, CEO of Ignited says: “Focus on results, not face time…When you give people authority over their own work and time, it changes the whole dynamic of accountability, for the better.”

Lisa Hufford, CEO of Simplicity Consulting adds: “Be adaptable and open in any situation… It means that I will get things done, but in a way that leaves everyone happy. It’s served me well with building multimillion-dollar businesses, as well as running a family. It’s also a great way to lead.

Adapted from Laura Garnett‘s article, Leadership Secrets from Successful CEO’s

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